Just wanted you to know that Baby Boy arrived on Father’s Day 2016 , 8lb 8oz, 21in.

 Labor and delivery were again exactly half of my last. I was in touch with the midwives but kept waiting for contractions to be the standard 3-5 min apart before saying yes come over. Fortunately I went with my gut and the moment things changed, even though it was not that 3-5min standard, told them to come. He was born just 45 min after the midwives arrived! 
It was still painful to push a human out that small path but I was able to focus more of the energy and breath to moving him down and out. 
Breastfeeding is unpleasant as expected but the support from my husband, mother (who’s been caring for us a ton) and the midwives is great and I’m hopeful we’ll get through it. The midwives in particular are 100% committed to doing everything they can including more home visits than usual  for hands-on help if that’s what it takes. Which is amazing!
Thank you for your help in preparation for this.