Combat Therapy

I am an ACE certified personal trainer and student of mixed martial arts.

The firsthand healing I have experienced through learning how to defend and protect myself is something I help others experience.

Specifically for victims of domestic violence, rape, sudden attacks- the shock of these traumatic experiences are stored in the body. Especially as women, we dissociate and oftentimes allow the perpetrator to overpower us.

Learning how to get up off the ground, or get unpinned from the wall, feeling confident enough in yourself to do damage to someone that is overpowering you- these are GIFTS of strength and skill and personal power that are highly therapeutic and available to any shape or size of person through mixed martial arts. Self confidence increases as well.

You will:

Learn Self Confidence

Grown your confidence, open your mind and unlock new possibilities

Heal emotionally

Heal your wounds.

Gain strength

Gain your strength and take back the power that was taken from you.