I provide psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for adults, couples, families and youth.

Be released from trauma, habits and patterns you no longer desire.

Gain insight into your life’s path, your dreams, and your soul. Liberate your mind, body and emotions.

How it Works

You have many therapists to choose from and I thank you for reading more about me to see if I can meet your needs. I work with a wide variety of people. Whether you are looking for someone to help clarify and clear up marital discord through couples counseling; or someone to support and offer a different voice for your child/teen so they grow positively; or someone for short term therapy to help you through a difficult life event like grief and loss or career changes; or a longer term therapist to help guide you on a path to healing and recovering your True Self and Life Path, I can help people sort through many of life’s obstacles.

The sense of trust, safety and connection that people find when selecting the right therapist is essential to the healing process, and I hope that you can feel that connection with me.

Most people that choose to work with me seek deep healing and releasing of past traumas, habits and wounds that function as hurdles in their lives, slowing them down or limiting a sense of happiness and contentment within themselves, their relationships, and their Life Path. By blending talk therapy with hypnotherapy and my strong intuitive sense, we can quickly identify your root causes to suffering and work to release and heal them. This method works to heal negative habits like addictions, overeating, intrusive thoughts and limiting beliefs about the Self that create low self-esteem, anxiety and depression, too.

It is possible to live your life with more compassion and less suffering.

The key is how this can happen for you. For traumas, whether you can identify specific, overtly traumatic events or small, covert traumas and negative beliefs that you adopted when you were too young to discern right from wrong (i.e. parental programming, name calling memories at school, or institutional beliefs creeping in through the side door of your mind), you can learn to reinvent yourself and live a more fulfilling life.

By simply talking about the events, you can build awareness of the problem, but the traumas and beliefs about the Self will remain hidden in your body, your energy and your emotions. It is through reprocessing in the limbic system- a safe re-experiencing event that I create within the context of the subconscious mind and the emotional body by blending hypnotherapy and intuitive, somatic healing – that releases trauma, habits, patterns and beliefs.

You deserve to release the limitations that you have placed on yourself or unknowingly let others place on you. You are not bad, you are not defective, and you are not unlovable.

Once these traumas have been acknowledged, released and cleared, I give you the support and guidance you need to recreate yourself, heal yourself, and unlock your highest potential. You deserve to love yourself, be loved and appreciated by others, and maintain healthy relationships. I work with a variety or people in a variety of contexts, so if you have any questions, please contact me through this website to learn more.

I work with a variety or people in a variety of contexts, so if you have any questions, please contact me through this website to learn more.

**I am an in-network provider for Providence, United Behavioral Health and the Optum insurance network.