Overcoming Trauma


We all experience hardships of one kind or another. When we find ourselves stuck in fear and pain, we are experiencing some form of PTSD. Patterns to “protect” ourselves develop, oftentimes preventing ourselves from healing and growing. We need help from others to release these emotional attachments to the past experiences. There are valuable life lessons provided to us from difficult experiences. These experiences build in us perseverance, character and the fruits of the spirit when we are able to courageously provide ourselves the opportunities to grow.

Therapy, Groups and Activities

The body holds memory and life experience. I utilize a mind-body approach to healing that includes:

Hypnosis (Certified Hypnotherapist)

EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Postural Restoration Therapy

Vulnerability in both our physical and emotional body can shift into wholeness and new patterns of movement and feeling that strengthen us.