“Liz provides insight to the blocks or issues in your life in a no-nonsense yet gentle manner.  She guides you into digging deep into your mind and facilitates your healing with self-discovery and awareness.  I have already recommended her to others who would benefit from her abilities.” –S.B.

“Thank you for being such a great teacher of HypnoBirthing. The techniques and everything you taught me helped me feel prepared and empowered for my birthing day. It all went so well. I was not afraid.” -HB mama

I came to Liz with a long history of anxiety and an inability to feel the joy I once new.  Liz is amazingly empathic and she used this ability along with hypnosis and psychotherapy to help me understand my own dysfunction in a compassionate and straight forward way and teach me effective solutions to heal.  Her combinations of therapeutic abilities are impressive but what I appreciated most is her candid nature and that there was no psychobabble pointing me to a solution outside of myself.  She helped me understand I had it all along.  She’s the real deal to help you in a real way.  I now feel more in control than I have in a long time.  Thank you Liz. You’re teachings live on!    -I.H.

“The hypnosis sessions were therapeutic and have had lasting affects. Meditation now comes easier to me and I may even be self hypnotizing on a “light” level.  Thank you for providing a growing experience for me.”  –M.T.

“Buckle up! If your inner wisdom

guided you to Liz then you are ready for some profound healing and changes in your life. I was a client of

Liz’s for six months for both individual and couples therapy. Liz is a very effective and efficient therapist

who utilizes her intuitive gifts and professional training to quickly help you discover the root causes of

your situation and understand a path to positive transformation. She is able to establish trust easily and

employ a variety of tools to unlock vaults in your subconscious mind. Moreover, she has a caring, yet

straight forward way of communicating the things you need to hear most to move forward in your life

and relationships. For us, finding Liz was a Godsend after attempts with other therapists failed to bring

about the positive changes needed to save our marriage. Individually, she helped guide me through the

toughest transition of my life – motherhood. If you are looking to evolve and grow and you would like

the assistance of a compassionate and resourceful therapist, look no further, make your first

appointment and you will be on your way…ND

“Liz Williams is a very professional and experienced hypnotherapist.  She has a unique ability to understand exactly what  my issues were and helped me to move past them in a calm and soothing way.  I am grateful for my experience with Liz and I would recommend her to anyone who is wanting to move past blocks in their life.” -D.S.

“After meeting with Liz, I found clarity on some troubling issues in my life and kept getting hit with insights for a few days after.  It was really powerful” -M.S., intuitive phone session client

Prior to working with Liz, my friends rightly told me that I had been in the same relationship, with
4 different women, over the span of 20+ years … I felt dissatisfied, discontent, and frustrated. I
knew I needed to change something … something had to change … but I didn’t know what that
was or how to make that change happen.
Over the course of a year, Liz listened, asked questions, provided insight and context, and
prompted me to consider how my life experiences and beliefs informed my attitude, decisions
and actions.
Liz has an wonderful way of creating a safe place where epiphanies happen … She is insightful,
accepting, and patient. I unreservedly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in old habits,
old thinking, or just feeling stuck.

Daniel W.