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Salmon are inspirational creatures, hence the name Salmon Creek Counseling & Hypnosis. The life’s journey of a salmon is one of the most epic life cycles on Earth at this time. They are born in the quiet, calm creeks, rivers and mountain lakes. In this calm is where they grow and develop and prepare for their perilous journey to the sea. The depths of the great Pacific Ocean is their home temporarily, until it is time for them to complete their life cycle and return to the mountain lakes, rivers and creeks up to 500 miles inland. Salmon are driven on their path by instinct and return to the very same creek they were born in to create their own new life just before they pass away, as if they have a sense of home or place. They face countless obstacles on their upstream journey from the ocean deep to these quiet eddies and pools in the rivers and creeks where they create the next generation. 

Salmon have great spirit and a mystical lore about them, and in the quiet creeks is where they grow and develop the strength to live out their life’s path. I wish to provide this same sense of place, of quiet calm and rest, so that those who venture to Salmon Creek Counseling & Hypnosis can gain the insight, strength and positive development to find their life’s path- goals, dreams and aspirations- and follow it. Connect with your True Self, mind, body and spirit.

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