About Liz

I’m Liz!

I received my Masters in Social Work from Boise State University in 2007. I worked as a behavioral health consultant providing individual, group and couples therapy in medical clinics from 2007-2011 in Boise, Idaho and Fort Collins, CO, treating mostly adults with both chronic illness (HIV, diabetes, chronic pain, etc) and mental health issues. Seeking more skills to help people empower themselves and overcome trauma, I began focusing my clinical practice on the mind-body connection.

In February 2012, I completed my Hypnotherapy certification from the Colorado Coaching and Hypnotherapy Institute. I believe that when the mind is able to let go of negative self beliefs, memories and emotional ‘stuckness,’ the body can heal. This process works in a circular motion with the mind and body working antagonistically or protagonistically with one another.

Along with having private practice in Fort Collins, CO for several years, I worked for the mental health center providing in-home intensive therapy for at-risk youth and their families. I received hands-on training in providing Parent Child Interaction Therapy and Trauma focused CBT for children. I also incorporate play therapy to help children gain confidence, resilience, and overcome trauma.

“I have received extensive training in group psychotherapy and the social unconscious through the American Group Psychotherapy Association and Group Relations Conferences, along with intuitive healing and energy work practice through the Berkeley Psychic Institute tradition.

In preparation for the birth of my first child, I utilized hypnosis to prepare for a natural childbirth. It worked better than I had ever imagined and inspired me to complete the HypnoBirthing childbirth education class instructor’s training in November 2012. After the birth of my daughter in June, my family and I moved from Colorado to the Salem area of Oregon.

I have been in private practice in Salem since 2013, seeing clients from my home office just east of town. After birthing my second child naturally using hypnosis, I have also re-birthed within me a sense of power that I hope to help others cultivate in their own lives. I have shifted my practice to be even more holistic, yoking mental and spiritual guidance with nutritional support and functional fitness recommendations to help client optimize themselves.