The Secret Life of Dreams:

A 2-Day workshop to help you discover the meaning of your dreaming

Facilitated by Liz Williams, LCSW CHt.

Saturdays: October 19, 9-11am & October 26, 9-12noon

Located at Journeys, A Center for Your Soul
Every wonder about the meaning of a recurring dream, random nightmare, or one of those plain bizarre dreams you’ve recently had? This class is designed to teach you, through experience, how to discover the power and meaning behind your dreams. By teaching you the skills to create a home practice, class members will develop ways to decode, remember more clearly, and take more control of their dreams. Dream analysis principles are based on alchemical hypnosis and Carl Jung’s archetypal analysis. This is a very fun, successful workshop I ran in Colorado that I am bringing to Salem. Winter is coming…more time for dreaming!

I will provide a dreamwork hypnosis CD and a dream journal for your home practice. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring pillows/blankets or whatever you would like to make your chair or the floor more comfortable to sit or lie down on while we do hypnosis exercises. The classes build upon one another so please plan on attending both.

COST: $100 includes Dreamwork self hypnosis CD and dream journal

Register for an upcoming workshop here!
Please make sure to include your email or phone number so that I can correspond with you about workshop details or answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest!

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Saturday May 11, 2013 from 1-5pm in Salem, Jen Hume, MS and Liz Williams, LCSW CHt. invite you to an afternoon of personal growth and healing:

Healing Your Inner Child

An experiential and educational workshop integrating hypnosis, art, neuroscience and journaling to understand old patterns that limit you and process them in effective ways. For those that desire a more vibrant life!
Cost: $100. Early bird Discount: $80 before May 5th Must pre-register below. Refreshments and materials provided. Class will be held at the LifeSource Community Room on Commercial St located just south of LifeSource Natural Food Store in the Candalaria Mall, next to the State Farm office. Suite 2661.