Achieve Weight Mastery: Hypnosis Class to LOSE weight for LIFE!

Wednesday evening classes currently forming in Salem, Classes beginning January 2015 in Salem. Reasonable rates and billable to insurance,based on your coverage.

The perfect compliment to any diet or exercise program, hypnosis is the most effective way to keep the weight you lose off for life! No more yoyo diets or weight rollercoasters. Classes focus on changing your core beliefs about your relationships with food (nurturing/love), self-esteem, body image, etc. in a safe and motivating group atmosphere. Classes are varied and build upon one another; attending multiple classes is necessary to help you achieve your goals. Contact me if interested or you would like more information.

90 minute group classes on Wednesday evenings in Salem. Pre-registration is required. $35 for a single class or $30 per class if you commit to 8 sessions ($240). I am a Providence behavioral health provider so PEBB employees can attend the group for just the cost of their copay once their deductible is met!